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Winner of Outstanding Ethnic Restaurant, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2017
Winner of Outstanding Front of House Team, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2017
Winner of Outstanding Ethnic Restaurant, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2016
Winner of Outstanding Takeaway Restaurant, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2015
Winner of People's Choice Award, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2014
Winner of Customer Service Award, Rotorua Business Excellence awards 2013
Winner of Outstanding Restaurant & Outstanding Chef - Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2012

Indian Star Restaurant

The Indian Star Tandoori Restaurant in Rotorua is consistently recognised as one of the finest dining experiences in the city. With our mouthwatering range of of delicious Indian cuisine, all expertly prepared by our experienced chefs, the Indian Star experience is one that will keep you coming back again and again.

Our menu is carefully selected from the infinitely diverse dishes that exist throughout the Indian subcontinent and offers a taste of the best and most characteristic Indian meals: rich and lavish Pulao and Biryani rice dishes, savoury North Indian Kormas, kebabs and tandoori dishes all complimented with hand made wheat breads. Southern India with it's predominantly vegetarian and seafood cuisine inspires a range of delicious dishes, spiced with chilli, coconut oil and coconut milk, the Goan Fish Curry being a fine example.

Just a short stroll from Rotorua lakefront, the Indian Star Tandoori Restaurant is in Rotorua's famous dining destination, Eat Street, located at the Lake end of Tutanekai Street where you may choose to dine in our atmospheric restaurant or choose to dine 'alfresco' style while enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Rotorua.

Fully Licensed Bar or BYO WineOrder a refreshing drink from our fully licensed bar, or alternatively bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal.

We look forward to making your dining experience a memorable one.

Save 10% when you pick-up your order directly from the restaurant.


Cooks Required

We are seeking full time cooks for our Indian Restaurant in Rotorua. The applicant should have a minimum of three years experience in Indian cooking (curry and tandoor), must be reliable, enthusiastic and motivated to work on weekends under pressure. Please send your CV to

The Indian Star is consistently recognised as Rotorua diners' favourite tandoori restaurant

Indian Star Owner / Director Ray Singh article

Restaurant Owner Is Star Performer

Recently Ray Singh (pictured left), owner/director of the Indian Star restaurant which earlier this year was named Rotorua's best restaurant spoke to The Daily Post for a "People in business" article.

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Power of Testimonials - Indian Star

Don't Ignore Power Of Testimonials

Article By Rod Meharry

How powerful are testimonials? I wrote a testimonial without being asked in support of restaurant Indian Star and unbeknown to me it was used to support them in the Rotorua Hospitality Awards.

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